Justice Unit
Justice Unit

What is the mission of the Justice Unit?

The purposes for which this Not-For-Profit corporation has been organized are as follows:

  1. To advance the science of jurisprudence, to improve the administration of justice, preserve the independence of the judiciary, to uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession;
  2. To foster amongst members of the legal profession an interest in the traditions of the Jewish heritage and religion, and for the intellectual exchange of ideas so as to increase the esteem of its members for each other, their profession and their faith; and
  3. To advance the theory and practice of law and its allied fields; and
  4. To increase the usefulness of the organized legal community and related organizations; and
  5. To endeavor to maintain technical and cultural standards for the legal right to practice law and to require high standards of ethical practice by members of the profession; and
  6. To foster the study of law and encourage the personal and professional development of young lawyers and law students; and
  7. To cooperate with other legal societies and groups and the bench and bar generally and to foster the relationships between our members, the judiciary, other voluntary bar association and the greater legal community; and
  8. To do any and all things necessary and proper for the accomplishment of these purposes, to the same extent and in the same manner as permitted by law.

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